Tuesday, July 21, 2009

American "Desi" Accent

Back in San Jose , Me and my roomies were discussing about the India trips and thats when the topic of AMERICAN ACCENT came in. My roomies were saying , ppl will expect us to put up the American accent , expect the american lifestyle etc etc. It was just for fun, nothing serious .Volatile discussions. I am still sketching myself in that yucky figure ... I would surely make a fool of myself .Though it is also possible that people would still imagine some accent in my speaking but who cares...
So I am here thinking about my weird look...that rings alarm bells for me..never to go for anything like that..Gossh...I m saved...!!!!But, I have seen a lot of Desis trying to fake their accent by adding american words , making an ass of themselves. Their true efforts of using that accent in every sentence they speak doesn't impress others at all...At least for me I simply choose to ignore such creatures...No body can become a different person in two, three years...Accepted you are adjusted to a new environment you learn new words ...but the basic tone of speaking your language is a thing that can never ever go away from you...irrespective of how much hard you try...
I dont want to go into the objectionable topics like feeling proud of being Indian and being a patriotic coz I never had such feeling ..But it doesn't mean I feel sorry being an Indian.. its just an inert feeling...but I dont think that coming to any other country nowadays is a big deal..So why have that fake feeling of greatness in first place...?
Why not be the person you are and present yourself the same way.....the benefit of this, I think is you will be respected for who you are and most importantly your loved ones will never feel of you being 'Changed'. For the people who CHANGE , all i say is GET WELL SOON!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Blog is Alive

Well,its been a long time since my last post.I had infact,forgot that i had a blog,Now pls dont think that , I don have time to write blogs, I have all the time in the world to do everything, but I hav become so very lazy that , I dont wanna do anything. Well, the mistake is not fully on me, the place is to be blamed too..San Jose, is a dead place, and the place "Japantown" in San Jose , is almost like an "extinct place", good weather thou... neither too hot nor too cold, Jus perfect , this perfect is not for studying etc, it is for SLEEPING. Chumma comforter ulla pona , U get into a different world altogether.My sleeping habits have become worstestststtst after coming here , go to bed, oops comforter by 4-5 and get up by 1 or 2 or even at 3 :(, except on mondays n wednesdays, cos i have frigging ethics classes in the morning, I just hate to get up n go to the class , tat too , for a horrible subject, sacrificing my sleep, I guess is too much , but wat to do... I have no other choice other than going :( . My eyes are blood red when I go for ethics class,eyes start drooping automatically during the class.Now coming to the house , fully settled now , 4 guys in 1 BHK, the rent is again bloody $250p/h. PPl in other places like Kansas,Missouri,Kentucky get 5 bhk for the same price or even lesser, But tis is bloody CA, where money sucks yr blood till the last drop.Laptop has been my besht buddy in US :P.Other than laptop, for entertainment , we have MANI, if we feel bored , we jus Key him, and watch the comedy. more you key , more fun u get. Nice guy, afterall, been with him for 4 yrs, now 5 yrs [:P][:(]. Well, we have a mumbai tamilian with us, who is mani's besht buddy, has started speaking tamil swear words after lissening to me and mani, we feel proud to impart tamil to anyone.Well, we are 4 of us, 4 different backgrounds , so difference in opinions are at its peak, smal small fights do happen, but then, everything is volatile..Apart frm ethics , have 2 more subjects ,Physics of semiconductors and Linear theory. Physics of semiconductors is like Greek and Latin to us , me atleast. Linear Theory is good , interesting, but I find new ways of screwing the tests , because mind is very active durin the tests and thinks of everythin other than the correct formulae :P.Mid sem I got over yday, got screwed up badly, have to patch up for this Debacle. I have been hyper vetti all these days, got to compensate for being so.The beauty is , back in India, when we have bits , we feel more confident to face the exam, here one full paper 'bit' which is called the 'Cheat Sheet' is allowed , in which u can write whatever u want . Even though, we carry that Cheat Sheet, bloody theres 0% confidence of facing th exam, Its more like an open challenge by the prof, he knows the psyche of the students, like what students will write in the cheat sheet, they set papers , in such a way that , cheat sheets become Useless, or sometimes, theres no time to see the cheat sheet. Hayyo Hayyo!! oRe Kushtamappa, illa Kashtamappa.Another Comedy is , there is no fixed blueprint for the paper, Its upto the prof,he can set the paper how ever he wants , for ex, he can ask a single Q for 100 marks or 200 q for 100 marks, or 10 question for 100 marks, Phew, thats Iriitating too... U never know how to study, what to study....Each professor has his own style of paper setting n correcting, unlike in India, where all the subs have the same blue print, 10*2 and 5*16. Tough going as of now.Lack of good food makes the going even tough :(. But I must admit the fact that , God is taking very good care of me.My classes get over 7pm on tues n thurs, so me n my friends catch a bus frm the univ and go to the temple, where they serve Lipsmacking,mouthwatering Food,I must also admit that the main purpose of going to the temple is to eat, infact HOG.But then, its the oly place u get good food,restaurants are fucking costly, and me being a veggie is another disadvantage, my choice of food is restricted , so I make it a point to visit the temple atleast 3 times a week,Rewinding my past in India, parents used to pester to go to temple and i wouldn, here its a part of my weekly schedule, 3 times a week. :-). Well, i get nostalgic @ times, its a good feeling thou... time running off like this... Jus hope 2 yrs flies away n i also come out in flying color.. he he he ... Nothin much to add now.... Ll update regularly from now on....

Monday, August 25, 2008


Its been more than a fortnight i reched US now, Its been good going so far... So lemme give u the US exp so far...Boarded the flight frm Chennai to Mumbai on 14th August in JET . This plane is damn puncutal. Reached Mumbai on time. Spent the evening in Mumbai and on 15th morning I boarded the flight to SFO via Shangai.Heavy rains on that day,I always wanted to see Mumbai rains, just wanted to know why it is so much hyped. So I did manage to catch a glimpse, and my god,really poured cats dogs cows buffaloes etc.So I got into the flight after the immigration etc etc. Flight took off . I was expecting a Chick by my side, or atleast an Indian, so tat i could pass the 17 hour journey.But Damn,one english fella sat by my right and a japanese by my left.Fk! I was wondering how to pass time,jet has good in flight entertainment.somehow time passed. 6 .5 hours,reached Shangai.Shangai airport was deserted. The fellas by my side got down @ Shangai,again slightest hopes of wat i had @ Mumbai.Tis time 2 Chinese by my side.Reached San Francisco at 7 pm (sfo time).Again had to check in the immigration and customs. Took the luggage frm the belt and came out. A couple of my friends had to pick me up.The airport was huge and awesome, its spsd to be one of the busiest airports.Had to pick a cab (called shuttle here) to reach our place @ San Jose. There was a Gilma activity going on inside the cab , damn, I thought, Wat a way to welcome , the cuple must have smooched atleast 1000 times in an hour.Well,tats USA, public display of affection can be seen here, and no one seems to bother.Reached home .It was 11 . And here came the bomb. I reached home and saw, I had picked a wrong suitcase. GOSH! I was shocked. But ,Luckily , the name of the person and his address was stickered on the suitcase. I thought tis confusion must have happend in the cab. Dint Sleep properly tat nite. One of my roommates knew the place. So we set out found the place after lots of searching and they said that they dint have my suitcase, and I asked if they saw mine as i gave em my suitcase details, they said it was in the airport. I felt relieved and asked them to collect the suitcase frm my place . Then I called up the airport and they delivered the baggage home, FREE OF COST!! Then after a couple of days, went to the university and finished all the formalities.Was feeling home sick fr a couple of days, I literally cried the second day wen my parents called up.Well, It happens! Then Went to do some shopping for our home, Walmart and Target. HUGE HUGE hypermarket. U get everything here.A-Z.University started and no surprises,Indians and Chinese dominate the Masters course.The Grading system sucks here, Overall aggregate is calculated by our performance throughout the semester, for ex.10% attendace,20%first mid term,30% second mid term 40% final. Painful!!! that too after OB adichufying in UG,its gonna be a daunting task ahead!!Now coming to the food, All the veggies out there, it will be a tough time, cos veggie dishes available here are very less, Indian restos are there, but it ll burn yr pocket.I have been surving on Subway these days :((. Even McD doesn serve veg burgers... So if u have any plans f cmg here, start learning cooking in advance , else u will have to pay the price , like am payin now. Everything is fucking Costly here... I saw an Amrutanjam Balm in an Indian Store... Indian Price was also given , it was a mere 16 rupees.. but US price was $4.5. I was Shocked!! it accounts to more than 180Rs.USA isnt as glitzy n glossy as it seems from India.. its calm, peaceful and sober. Weekends @ the Downtown rocks... so many lounges, so many chicks :P. its worth suthifyin the downtown on weekends, mainly on sat nights :P. Anyways, Its been Kind of an OK going here,Missing Homeland thou! :((. Thats it for this post...
Ps. Excuse me for my bad english!! :P

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally.... it got over!

My MS dreams took life when I cleared all my papers in the VII sem, but then I thought it was too late to apply. I once told my friend that he was pretty late with his applications, he was applying in the month of December :P. So I thought Fall '08 time was over and I planned to apply for Spring '09.Though people say Fall is comparitively bttr than Spring, I had no other option,because I wasn placed in any comp till then. So Fall'08 buried alive. Jan,Feb , March and a week in April passed, then I went with my mom to a consultancy to enquire about the Spring'09 intake on how and when to apply etc etc. There , they asked me to apply for Fall'08 itself as the deadlines were open. I wasn't very interested in applyin for Fall'08, as I thought it was too late for me to apply, as US univs grant admits on "first come first served" basis. They kept askin me to apply, I just wasnt interested . So, they turned to my mom and brainwashed her. So after coming home, I told her the drawbacks of applying late, but she just dint listen. She called up my dad and they started pressurizing me to apply for F'08, finally, I succumbed and agreed to apply. The counsellor gave me just one week to complete all the formalities of application . The next day, went to the AU to get the marksheets attested. Then got the financial affidavit. No time to write my own SOP( even if I had all the time in the world, I wouldn have drafted an SOP on my own :P). So, I got the SOPs of my classmates(who bloody already had their admits :X) and i also googled some SOPs too. Now that I had enough SOPs , i read all the SOPs and used the Ctrl C and Ctrl V option and created an SOP. My SOP was ready and it was good too :). Even the Letter of Recommendation is to be written by us, the professor just signs. You can write whatever you want , the professor will sign ,no matter what, atleast in my college :). So I got the sample letters from my friends and again used the Ctrl C and Ctrl V option and finished it . SOPs ans LORs were ready in some couple of hours. Finally, In a week, my documents were ready somehow and I started with the online applications. Damn,Its such a pain to fill up the online applications, where u fill the same thing in all the application. Its very boring.So, I finished the online applications and documents were also sent by the consultancy. I finished my applications my April III week and I was expecting the final decision by June . These American Univs are real, no matter, how perfectly you send your application, they keep telling that something or the other is missing. IIT(Illinois Inst... )said that they havent received my GRE/TOEFL marksheet(I was wondering, if other univs got the marksheets, what the hell was wrong with tis univ alone.) The status got updated sayin my application was complete, cpl of weeks back. Then USC, asked me to get a letter from the Anna Univ registrar saying my college is affiliated to the university(God oly knows why they askd me to get it) and the greatest comedy was from Washington St. Univ , where they said I had applied for UG instead of Graduate study, In fact, I got a mail from them saying my GRADUATE APPLICATION was complete after I submitted my online application.But laters, they said I had applied for UG. ( got irritated really). Now my mind was totally focussed on MS, and from no where, came Reliance Communications, fortunately/unfortunately, got placed in that. Now, again,mind started wavering whether to go for MS tis year or work for Reliance, strengthen my profile and go next year. April ,May June passed, no updates from any university. By June end, my friends had their Visa in hand and had started with their shopping. Since, I had no updates from any univ, I was now clear with Reliance , thought of working there for an year, if in case I get any admits, would defer it for an year. After some days, came in one update
Polytechnic Univ-Reject (Rejected due to inconsistent academic record, ok Agreed)
then after some days
RIT-Reject(Lack of accomodations,Grrr ... why accept applications if they don have accomodation)

One fine night, I was too bored sitting online, so thought of checking if any new updates from any univs , logged into San Jose Univ after so many days,
Status-Accept(Surprised, as some of my friends who had applied ages before me hadn got any updates on my status). Now my parents asked me to go with this univ as schoolmate and my coll class mates were heading to the same univ. But then, I wanted to work in Reliance for 1 yr and then pursue my Masters.My protest again flopped. Started with the necessary documentation work from the very next day. Damn, there was so many documents to be prepared. Loan,house evaluation, CA, etc etc. The documentation work was gng on, but I hadn got my I20, bloody , they sent it through sea mail . Was expecting it in some 20 days from the day they had posted. Days kept passing, no sign of the I20. So finally, asked my mom's friend who's in San Jose to collect it from the univ and courier it . Well, a normal fellow follows the following steps
1) get the I20
2)Loan sanction
3)Book Visa slot
4)Book tickets
but me being a special case always, mine were different
1)BOOK,not blocked , BOOKED the ticks
2)Booked the visa slot
These 2 were done even before i got the duplicate I20 from them
3)Bank loan work was going on , as i produced my friends I20, they needed it to check the fee structure.
4)Received the I20
Had booked the Visa on 6th Augustus, 11 am slot, to be frank, I never had the confidence of getting the Visa , cos of the super duper profile which i was having, Because , i was going through the Visa interviews on Orkut, ppl who had many backs were mercilessly rejected. My friend's friend had 12 arrears , 2 less than me :P got his Visa only on his 6th attempt.
The previous night , I was checking the Rejection Interviews thread on Orkut to see why their visa got rejected. 80% due to excess backlogs. Seeing and hearing all this , my confidence hit the rock bottom.But I dint have to worry much , as I had Reliance for backup.All the necessary documents were ready and the Doomsday arrived.Woke up early, by 730 , went to the temple etc etc , got ready and reached the Consulate by 10am. Got the security check done and was waiting for half an hour at the Indian Counter. In this half hour hour time , I was just thinking of a convincing answer to cover up for my backlogs,but in vain, couldn think of anything convincing enough. They checked the basic documents and asked me to head to the adjacent building. I went in , and saw tat it was empty. My friends and other people told me that its very crowded and u shud take the Snake 'Q' etc etc, but to my surprise, it was literally like a Sathyam ticket Counter durin Off peak hours :P. Was asked to stand at the first counter , where a gal was almost completing her interview, her visa got rejected. FK!! Bad Sign. Butterflies,honeybees,flies,mosquitoes , grasshoppers all were flying in my stomach. Then the VO called me and here goes the interview

VO-Good morning
Me-I am fine, TY
he was checking my docs for some 4-5 secs
VO- Wat are you going to do @ San Jose State University?
Me- (was thinking , what a dumb question, as it was clearly mentioned in the I20, i would ve told GUMMI ADIKKA poren, if some one else had asked me )
I am going there to do my masters in electrical engineering
VO- So why this particular university?
Me- (Actually, had oly 1 admit from tis univ)
Sir, my splization will be VLSI and the coursework for VLSI is extremely good.
Climate in California is also well suited to the Indian people sir( Actually , I dunno why i said this , but at that moment, it jus popped out)
VO-Your father's occupation?
Me-Sr. Air Traffic Controller ,AAI , Chennai
VO-Your final %age
Me-(Nerves Nerves everywer) 70%
He looked at me straight
VO-Are you any of the rankers in your class?
Me - ( Actually , I dint understand the question) Pardon me Sir
VO-Repeated the same Q again
Me- I said I am a First Class degree holder
VO- No no, not that, I asked if you are any of the rankers.
Me- U mean , my rank in the class sir??
Me- (should be in the bottom somewhere) Hmmm.. Must be in the top 25 sir :p
He signed somewhere and said, Ok Gentleman, your visa is issued , you can collect your passport later.
Actually , this interview might seem long, but it was like a rapid fire round and it lasted only for 20-25 secs. I really din believe that my visa was approved, so to re assure , I asked him, Can i come and collect the passport in person. He said yes!!
And that's it. Got my VISA the same day!! I never thought that I would get it so easily. Gods grace + Luck+ Stars shining helped me get the visa. Ppl say that how u present yourself is important, your attitude is important etc etc. All Crap . Its jus pure LUCK!! If ur stars are shining on u , job done , else doomed irrespective of the profile you have .
My friends have finished their packing, I 've just started, still a long way to go!
Leavin to Mumbai on 14th and will be leaving to San Francisco on 15th from Mumbai.
Thats it. This is my last post from INDIA.I' ll update bout the US life once i reach there . BYE!!
Apologizes for any gram/spelling mistakes here n there!

Monday, July 28, 2008

VIII sem.contd..end of a saga !!

Placement interests had also dried up, hardly any companies came on campus . But our princi used to call the "NOT YET PLACED " students to the seminar hall and talk crap as if companies were flowing in and we werent good enough to get selected .Those times were the most humiliating . When I had backs, many companies came and recruited , but when i had cleared off my backs , no companies came on campus . This was like adding fuel to the fire. Coming out without a placement from an engineering college is like failing in the XII exams, thats how people from outside view it. It also pricks u at times when u sit in the class wit all yr peers placed and u sitting like a dumb duck . Pool Campus placements were still on , and our college used to get invites asking the students to attend the interview.So once , we got an invite from Krishna College of Engineering to attend EDS interview. That bloody college was located at some remote place called Padappai. The Interview was bout to start by 8am. We had planned to go by train as it had rained heavily the previous day. We planned to meet up at the railway station at 630 am . But lazy me , slept over and got up by 630 and by the time i got ready , they were already in the train :(. So I had no other option but to take my bike . Luckily one of my classmates was going on his bike , so I called him and asked him the route. And I set off, It was one awesome ride, RIDE OF MY LIFE , i must say. The twilight, chillness of the air and lush green view on both sides was jus Awesome . I somehow managed to reach the college by 715. Fk I was the third person to enter the college. After few mins, my other classmates also came . And slowly, many others came in and we were led to the mess , for the brkfast, I dint have it , because I could guess , tat it would taste Yuck and I was right, my friends threw it away after one or two spoons. It was past 10 now and even the presentation hadn started . I was kicking myself for getting up so early . Around 11, the presentation started and FUCK, Can u beleive it , it was Not EDS, It was Mphasis , A BPO of EDS. Crap. I was really irritated and I was fuming . The pay was even worse 10 k per month. :(. But then, after comin all the way , dint wanna returrn back home immediately . So me and my friends gave the written exam, so called APTITUDE, I still wonder why they call that shit an APTI round, It was all crap l, the questions were 
1) how will you clean the computer?
2)what is the shortcut key for copy?
3)how will you minimize a window.?
Even a third grade student would have cleared it easily . 
After the first round , we were asked to have lunch @ the mess. I dint even go in the direction of the mess. I was feeling hungry too, but then i dint wanna have the mess food at any cost. We enquired wit the students of that college and they said there was no hotel nearby . There was one petty shop inside the coll campus , me and my friend went there to find out if they had anythin to eat, Crap, they had chicken biriyani. And Can U beleive it , they had cigarettes too. So me and my friend had a fag each and were waiting for the results of the first round. I was shortlisted to the second round. II round was speaking , where they checked yr accent , grammar and all those shit. I was waiting for my turn, It was 3 o clock, Clock kept on tickin, 4,5,6,7 and my chance dint come .It was a telephonic conversation round . The volunteer closed the door and walked away . I was thinkin , WHAT THE FK IS HAPPENING ???. I normally don lose my cool , but this time , irritation, hunger and the long hours of waiting triggered me and I was really angry , went downstairs and met the Placement officer and Principal and started blasting them. (Who cares, they are no way related to me ). I vented all my anger on them.By now a big kootam had formed around us . They said that they lost the network and asked us to come next day. I got pissed off again and started shouting at them again. So hurriedly , they somehow got the interview going , and my chance came , and immediately the volunteer told me I was selected , but another volunteer made some gestures to him and that fella told me that I was not selected . I still I donno if i was selected or not , but who cares now. I was really enervated and i couldn ride the bike , so i asked my friend to do it . We went to  brilliant tutorials where many of my other classmates had come over for dinner . Hogged like a pig :) and headed home and FLAT!! One helluva interview which i cant forget in my life . 
Next came in Sutherland , I was feeling sleepy as the previous night was spent fagging at our usual place . So I was sitting in the auditorium for the presentation was shocked to see Meenakshi College girls reading Newspapers to improve their english just before the interview . My eyes were drooping ,and wen i m sleepy i m not in my senses :P. So the first round started, it was 1 on 1 round . He asked me to tell about myself ( a std question asked by any /every company). I was not in my senses , and i started telling some crap rather than telling wat was necessary. I knew I wudnt get through and it exactly happend.

Next was CSS, (I wasnt interested in joining any bpo's , but then something is bttr than nothin, atleast some job after studies.Gttn into Bpos is like jus passing in the XII exam, they look at u as if u are worthless . If u get into the IT giants, its like scoring 90+ , Phew! ) . In this the first round was an extempore, I spoke on the India Australia series( I can speak about cricket for years together :P) . So i got thru easily . Next round was a written round . technical + verbal. It was more of a co-operation stuff , i copied the technical part frm IT/CS fellas and i showed them the verbal part. So, overall, everyone had written the same answer, and wit no surprises everyone got thru to the final (HR) round . Nearly 50 students(Engineering + Arts & Science) were through to HR round. My chance came in after 2 hours of waiting Vettily. I was called in and again I was asked to speak some topic related to cricket and a few networking questions (As the company deals with networking ) and I finally made it through. I remained stoic, but the Arts/Science college gals who got through were in Tears , so excited as if they had got into Microsoft/Google :P. But then , girls are girls , excessive outburst of emotions is unstoppable. 

Admist the placement thing , since I had cleared off my arrears I was planning to pursue my MS and go there for the spring intake . So me n my mom went to the consultancy to enquire bout the spring intake , bt then , damn, things never go as i plan, the counsellor brainwashed my mom askin me to apply for this fall as the deadlines are not over for the univs  and then my mom brainwashed me to apply for this fall .I applied reluctantly as I knew I was i very late wit my applications . By the time, I applied some of my friends had already got their Admits/Rejects. :P. So within a week, i had to send the applications to the univs . In a week time , i had to get the marksheets attested, write my Statement of Purpose for the univs  get the Reco letters and get the financial affidavit ready. Phew! I managed to do everythin within a week . And finally and successfully i finished applying to 8 univs. Now my mind was fully focussed on MS . 

After long days of wait and with lots of expectation(Jus like Kamal's movies),  Reliance Communications came on campus . First round was Tech + aps written round . Technical paper was greek and latin as I dint know anythin in communications . Aps was a piece of cake . They said they would announce the results in a couple of days . After a couple f days I got a call from them,askin me to attend the next round at their office. They asked me to report at their office by 9 am as the interview would start immediately. I reached there by 840, and kept on waiting for hours together . Me and my friends were scanning the office lookin if there were any good chicks , and bloody hell, the person who was spsd to interview us was on leav and some other Senior technical staff would interview us . All of us were shell shocked . I was called on first. He was askin my personal details and slowly started firing the technical questions, As I was answering his question, that bloody ass was openin some drawers, typin somethin on his system, It was really irritating and i stopped answerin. He then fired some more questions and wen  i was answering back, he started speakin over the fone . This act really got over my nerves, but i somehow controlled. Finally after 30 mins he let me go . Then his secretary asked me to leave the office , I thought that was the end of the road , flop show at tis company too . After few mins , my friend followed, he too had the same treatment, infact his interview was worse than me . I had lost hopes on Reliance . After long days of wait , the reliance results were out , me along wit 3 of my classmates were selected. Phew !! finally not a BPO, can say to ppl wit some pride that am into RCOM :P.  Finally I ended wit double placement , one in CSS and other in RCOM. 

Exams were nearing , but more importantly the IPL, It was to start on Apr 18, our betting on the teams had started as soon as the team players were decided . :P.  I was waiting for the Apr 18 to come . The match fixtures were out and after few days Anna Univ VIII sem time table also came , 2 Chennai super kings matches clashed wit the exams, i.e . it was on the evenin before the exam, but who cares, match ll be given and was given the top priority. After few days, the calendar read Apr 18 and  I was all excited bout the IPL. I was glued to the TV and my bad luck continued , there was a cable cut in my area, jus before the inaugral session :((. I waited and waited and waited , no signs of the cable comin back. So i went to my friends house to watch the match, Damn , I missed the inaugral session fully , but what an opening game for a tournament, thou a one sided game, Mccullum hit the ball to every corner of the ground. Well, the excitement never came down , irrespective of whoever played. I saw all the matches , ball by ball incl the pre match and the post match shows :P. Atleast in the previous semesters, I used to buy the book a month before the exam, but this time , it had become worse , I had totally forgotten bout the books due to IPL. I got them oly a week before the exams . My studying time got delayed by 1 hour due to the IPL. Started by 12 and slept oly after i finished studying , by 4am or 5 am. 2 exams went fine , Telecom and Mobile comm. The last exam was Satellite Communication.It was Rajasthan Royals Vs Chennai Super Kings , the evening before the exam. CSK got crushed mercilessly by Royals. I was Shockd . I Coudln beleive what i was seeing . Thou, the match ended quickly, I coudnt get over the shock for hours together. I coudn even concentrate on my studies because of the match. Slowly got over it and that was the worst preparation  in my 4 years of engg . I gave a shit performance in that exam, I knew oly for 50 marks. :(. But then I couldn help, I finished the paper in less than a hour and half and slept.  I was sure of flunking tis paper. Total Mood out after the exam. But u never know anythin with Anna Univ , that gave me some confidence. 

I somehow , by god's grace managed to clear all the papers in the VIII sem successfully.  I scored some 74-75% in that semester and guess what , my highest score was in tat Satellite Communication, which i had messed up. Finally , I became an engineer within the given time, which was looking impossible in the past semesters. Phew!! What a relief . My Provisional Certificate says I am a "FIRST CLASS" engineer, but hell, i donno even a single piece of shit in electronics as well as communications. But thats how Anna University is ... was and will be......

AU "NEVER EVER"REVOIR MSEC AND AU!!! Bye Bye Foreva................................ 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

VIII sem..

It all came to the final showdown, VIII sem, which meant i had oly one more sem to clear off all the arrears . The hopes of me passing out of college in 4 years was diminishing, infact , I had lost all the hopes . More and more humiliation got over me . My confidence level hit the rock bottom .  Whatever the case, I had to move on. 

We had college only 3 days / week  in this semester, and even in those 3 days, I used to bunk 1 or 2 days. Hardly any staff came to our class this semester,so i dint want to break my sleep and go sit in that useless college. I used to go to college only when i was very much bored @ home. We had 3 subjects and a Project. Me , Azz and Chopra were project mates and we did our VLSI project @ Accel. And guess what , all 3 papers were shit papers, Mobile Communication (compulsory paper) , Telecom and Switching Networks and Satellite Communication ( Electives) . Communication papers are a real torture, theory theory theory everywhere(tailor made for Mugpots). 

My night time fags continued in full swing with woof, used to be there till 3am or 4 am , if mama patrolling wasnt there. Once , on a saturday night  there was strict patrolling by the mamas( a usual sight on saturday nights) at teynampet , so we got the fags and went into a lane opposite to GRT Grand. We heard loud screams from the hotel, we ignored it first time , again we heard , and ignored it again and again , we could hear some one shoutin, this time we stopped our conversation and listened carefully to wat he was shouting , he was shoutin all tamil swear words (*&%*&*%&$&$&#*&($(%(%*%*(%*%*%*%*%). Woof got over excited and wanted to go inside the hotel and see what was actually happening, I dint want to go , but somehow he convinced me and we took our bikes and went into the hotel . Crap, by the time we entered the hotel, the fight got over . We got totally pissed off. But then, we dint want to leave immediately, we parked our bikes inside the hotel and went in. Fk, wat a crowd, the restaurant was full and a huge crowd was waiting to get in . We both were the "odd men out" there, poorly dressed, but then who knew we wud be @ GRT Grand.Since , we were oly 2 , we got a place and orderred a pack of fags and coffee ( actually dint want to order coffee, but then you need to order something to kill time there, so we thought coffee would be the cheapest and ordered it) . It was around 1 am and FK, it was filled up wit hot chicks , really hot chicks! we din want to leav the resto till the crowd cleared  , Now which guy would want to leave  early when he is surrounded by chicks :P. Finally , we got the bill , WTF! coffee costed 90 bucks, but then it was  worth payin, not for the coffee , but for the scenic view !! That day we planned to come here on every saturday , but then when has our plan succeeded.As usual,  this plan also flopped!! 

It was January , which meant Saarang was round the corner . Saarang finally arrived and on one fine evening  , Me , Chopra and Rahul went there. That day's event was Western Music finals. We reached there very early, so decided to walk it up instead of taking the bus. Sem Results were also expected in a week's time, but I was confident that it wont come for the next two days , because the next day was 26th Jan(national holiday+saturday) and the other day was a Sunday. 
We went into the stalls section, where they were conducting crazy events..3 of us dint have guts to participate in any of the events, we were comfortable watching others do it. Time flew , it was 7 and we went and sat in the gallery because the western music finals was going to start. It started around 730 odd. It was horribly bad, it was like , they were riding motorcycle in our ears. 4 bands had finished , wen rahul's mobile beeped , he showed me the message from VB-Results coming  tomo, Chk icqresults.com( I wonder how and WHY  ppl visit these kinda sites when you have so many sites to browse , it was the first time i was hearing the name of the site, jobless ppl :P) . I told them , no way it can come tomorrow because its Republic day , a national  holiday, Though i was convincing them, some fear creeped into me . After that message, I jus coudnt sit there , wanted to have  dinner and head home directly. Went to ascendas , had dinner and headed home . As soon, as I reached home , I switched on the system to check , if a site called ICQRESULTS.COM really existed. It opened and the opening lines , Anna univ results tomo! I closed it immediately, but I was still thinking how could they work on  a national holiday and release the results. That night again I went for a fag with woof and we were discussing about our how many cups expected tis sem. I  had written 11 papers , so miss ratio was on the higher side compared to the hit ratio. 26th Jan arrived,The Doomsday, I got up late as usual, by this time , over enthusiastic students of my classes had called up AU helpline and confirmed the result news. Fk,  I was really nervous . Around 6 pm , one dumb dog confirmed that results had come . Anna Univ site also dint load quickly , which meant results had come 
. This is one symptom to confirm the arrival of the SANGU(results)!!! The bloody site took its own fkn time to open. I first checked the result of Akshay( roll no.1 in our dept) , all clear, next i tried chkin the result of 52, all clear, 53 , all and i slowly typed my no.  and when the results page was jus loadin , i got a call from from VB, sayin dood, u ve cleared all the papers  , the moment he said it , the page also loaded , for the first time after the I sem, i was seeing all P's in my result. I was speechless. The Glitter pens and the art work inside the answer sheets had worked!! I never really expected all clear, as I had fucked up a couple of papers . But tis was pleasant surprise. Phew , some hopes of me graduating on time came alive. That night I couldnt go for a fag wit woof as he had couple of arrears ,which he later  cleared in reval and re-reval, Can u beleive ,  re - reval , a re-evaluation for a re- evaluation, well , thats the DUMB Anna Univ for you. 

Most of the colleges had finished their final year tour and we also planned to go for one tis sem. While most of the colleges like St.Josephs n SMIT etc went for north tour, we bloody stuck to a low budget trip to Kerala. Though, I wasn interested in Kerala, I just wanted to go just because it was a final year tour . Well, everythin was nearly done , though oly around 27 students had agreed for the tour. On the other hand, another group of students were plannin a tour to the same place , same dates i think , but they were not interested to come  with us . They asked me to join with them , but I declined their offer. Most of the others rejected sayin they dint have money! Bullshit ! On the whole , It was a total fiasco, both the groups dint go ! Never did my class unite in all the 4 years!! :(. Many more to add- farewell, placement , Krishna College , IPL and VIII sem exams . 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

VII sem.

We were in the Final Year of engineering ... I have always thought if i could finish engineering in IV years considering the backlogs i having.  I was low down on confidence . Placement preps were on, My friends were rolling over R.S. Agarwal,Barrons,CAT books and what not.I never got involved in this because   I knew , I woudnt be eligible for most of the companies , cos of my arrears. Max a company allows 2, not more than that. Oly a few companies allow everyone to write. Mock aptitude tests were on in the college @ full swing in the college. I attended all the tests , aptitude tests are fun . But there were some guys who dint attend the mock tests. They got caught , and I was shocked when my name was also called. When I asked the department staff as to why my name was called , they fkn dint bother to answer me . It totally pissed me off. I was made to stand near the princi's office for one whole week. They told that they would leave us oly if we ask our parents to meet the princi. Now , WTF! i wasnt even knowing the reason for me standin,why should i bring my parents. But it was jus waste of time thinkin , Cos if princi says somethin, thats FINAL! Period! We were 6 in no.
(Me, Subbu,Azeez,Water pkt, ramf and oof). Our routine for that whole week was to come to college , sit on the stairs near the princi's office and talk bout all the college matters etc etc . It was actually fun sitting there rather than in the class:P. Slowly then, from 6 it became 3 and i was forced to call my mom. Fk, I was made to stand outside for talking inside the class , Can u beleive it,! Kiddish behavior !! Damn!! Luckily i wasnt fined and i was let off. 

Next day TCS was on campus , thou i wasn eligible, it was mandatory to attend the pre placement talks ( GOD knows why!). So after 1 hour of preplacement talks , around 11 , the first round started. Me  n  some guys were planning to go out some where. Some of my friends wanted to booze ( Morning time la booze, donno wat struck their minds ), I also accompanied them, we were there from 11 am to 4 pm. We were gttn updates on whos in n whos not after each round. 90 odd students got placed finally. Companies followed Infy , Hcl, Keane , HP. We never turned up to the college wen any company came on campus. After a few companies , came UST, this company created so much hype with its name .. ( uma shankar tech or unni shankar tech or Unni S$$$$ tech so many names). First interview  for quite a few of us . First round had 90q to be completed in 75 mins . On top of tis Sectional cutoff was also there. It had 3 sections , Analytical, Verbal and Logical. I completed all the questions in the logical n verbal. And i had done oly 2 sums in the analytical and the time got over. Thats it! Lost hopes . Some of my friends had cleared the first round , so I was waiting for them to get thru the interview . 
( Woof - cleared the interview, was wearin a GREEN COLOR adidas running shoes , Mani, after 6-7 companies , cleared the first round and finally cleared the interview too.) . Next was I Flex, again flop show . There was some confusion in the evaluation, which no one knows yet! Time passed by, hardly attended classes. I was gttn busy wit the Gre preps, as it was jus some cupla months away. I started attending classes again , and  i was slogging hard for verbal. Quants , i knew i could manage as it was more of 6-8th std maths. I had booked my exam on Aug 22, Mani had booked it on the prev day , i.e 21st august. He always used to score more than me in Quants in mock tests. I went to  the centre to meet him after the exam, he had scored 680 i quants, I was shell shocked . I lost hopes on Quants too. The next day was the Doomsday - went to the centre, First was the essay section, wrote some stuff and next was the Quants section , which surprisingly pretty easy. I completed that section in less than 30 mins (scheduled time is 45 mins) and next was the verbal section , i screwd it and i luckily finished  it on time . And i slowly click the GET SCORE button, I was fkn surprised to see 800 in quants and a bad verbal score of 430( it was pretty less for the effort  i put , but i was happy wit my quants score, rather shocked  n surprised). 1230 is OK score , but i was the second highest in my class :P. First person to score centum in quants in my class, thou a few of them followed after mine . 
After Iflex, after a long time , a company called Visual Business Tools came on campus, It had oly II rounds .  I did the aps well and was sure of gttn thru the I round but damn, they refused to evaluate the papers, as they found many ppl copying  ( But , at those times , nothing was coming  my way, It was all topsy - turvy ) . So thats all, that company also gone. Companies stopped coming, and the rest of the companies were scheduled oly in the next sem.

This time again 6 subs-

Advanced MuP- Siji----> No comments!! $^#$^@%&&*#*##$%@%$@#$%@#^*&*@#*#%**###&#&#&#&#. I have to quote about her amazing knowledge... Jus look at tis conversation 

Jaishankar(my classmate)- Ma'am,Computer is not working .

Siji- Take it near the AC, it will work


Can U beleive it, Shes our Head of the Department ,Damnit!  

Televison- Babyola- One horrible subject, never paid attention to her class.

VLSI- Diode- Interesting Sub- but i don know how he taught

Microwave Engineering - Saraswathy- crap subject, crap teacher. 

Optical Communication - Sivarajan alias " Going to be off." He used to add " is going to be of" in every line of watever he spoke . For ex. The earth is going to be of spherical in shape. Most of us counted the no. of times he said its going to be of. 

TQM- No Staff. Free hour

In btw all the placement hungama, results were out , Arrear count reduced from 6 to 5. Dint bother me at all. Mid sems followed , super sixer . Revision exams, again super sixer. The thoughts of me completing engg in started haunting me  more often . 

Late night fags was the Hit of tis semester, Me n oof used to meet up @ Teynampet for a fag, and it would so happen that time used to fly away as we used to keep chatting some crap thing . 3 fags each + 3 hours of vetti chatting . Sometimes even 4 hours , but never felt bored, infact , never felt like leaving that place too.. but ... had too.. This became one daily routine that semester. We used to spk about all the topics , rt from politics, crkt, college matters , what not! Well to tell u bout deepak, he is also another victim , jus like me , oly difference , my boat started sinking in the II sem, while his started sinking in the III sem. 

Sem exams closed in, This time , the timetable was also quite sensible , we had the normal time table for regular and arrear exams followed oly after the regulars.  I knew my handwriting was one of the factors for my bad performance , so i bought couple of using Glitter pens, hoping that it could create some magic. Well, these arrears dint change the pattern of my studying, It remained the same even now.. Started by 11 and ended by 430, sometimes even 5. Because the subjects this semester were terrible, u just had to mug up all the shit and vomit it the next day. Well ,  I somehow managed to finish all the 5 units in all the subjects and gave my best shot in the exams once again and i did the designer work in the paper by putting boxes, double line etc etc. Did Glitter pens create the magic , which i was hopin??? Wait for the nxt post~~